Helix Power is introducing an advance energy storage technology using high power short duration flywheels as an "extreme energy management"  tool for applications such as metro trains, capable of charging or discharging 1WM for 90 seconds. 


Implementation has the potential to manage and reduce greenhouse gases at an accelerated rate. 

The initial application can reduce metro train propulsion energy requirements by 30-50%.

Our interest is to adapt this technology to improve wind and solar integration, microgrid effectiveness, and industrial applications.

We are members of Greentown Labs in Somerville, MA., the largest innovations incubator.  Helix has strategically partnered with many and we are updating a webpage to highlight these partnerships and accomplishments.


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Matthew Lazarewicz

Founder & President

Matt is a visionary engineer and expert in rotary systems.  Prior to founding Helix, he was CTO at Beacon Power where he led the introduction of world’s largest commercial flywheel energy storage facility.  At GE Aircraft he was the Mechanical Design Manager for the F404 and F414 engines in the F-18 and F117 fighters.  He served for eight years on the Board of Directors of the Energy Storage Association.

Recognized by US Department of Energy and international energy storage and renewable energy communities as a leading industry expert in energy storage applications for the power grid and emerging micro-grid applications.


 Guided design and construction of world’s first and largest 20MW flywheel energy storage plant. This revolutionary clean technology was proven to be 2-4X more effective than existing conventional technology in the short-term load balancing of the power grid


Matt earned a BSME, an MSME and an MS Management from MIT.

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VP, Engineering & Ops

John is an experienced engineering and operations manager with over 40 years of industrial experience.  He was Sr VP, UTC Operations at Belcan Engineering and GM, Aircraft Structural & Landing Gear Forgings at Precision Cast Parts.  Prior to PCC, John held a number of leadership positions at GE Aviation.  These included Systems Engineering Manager for the commercial CFE738 and CF-34 product lines, and Business Manager for the CFE738 engines on the Falcon 2000.

John earned a BSME from Notre Dame, an MSME from Northeastern and MS Management from MIT as GE’s Sloan Fellow.

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Kevin is an experienced corporate strategist and entrepreneur. He has assisted companies in qualifying for over $500 million in non-dilutive capital.


Kevin earned a JD at the University of Chicago, an MPP at  Harvard University and an AB at Brown University.



Don is a world-class flywheel engineer. He has experience at Sandia National Laboratories, as CTO at AFS Trinity Power, and as Group Leader, Laser Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


Create and lead engineering teams in all aspects of development including application definition, design, integrating diverse technologies, fabrication, validation, and deployment.

High level of expertise in energy storage, flywheel technology and multiple related engineering disciplines.

Specialties: System engineering, mechanical engineering, energy storage, motors/generators, magnetic levitation, PHEV power trains.

Don earned a BSME and an MSME from MIT



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